Dishonour The Crown – Gone To The Dogs


London’s Dishonour The Crown are a new UK band that are adding life to the recent revival of the Thrash genre. With a band made up of former and current members of TrenchHead, Romeo Must Die & Kingsize Blues, you know you’re in for a treat. Formed in August of 2012, and recording this EP shortly after, they show a clear talent to hone their musical ferociousness into such a powerful release. Even the departure of Brad Merry of TrenchHead on drums and the recruiting of Ben Moss didn’t slow down the process of getting their EP recorded and booking their first performances, and even filing a video for the title track which can be found on YouTube.

“Gone To The Dogs” is 6 tracks of political infused Thrash with the slam breakdowns that wouldn’t be out of place on a Hatebreed album. The intro, “This Cuntry”, samples UK news broadcasts and speeches by prominent members of parliament, setting the tone of anger and frustration at the lack of action on hotbed subjects – leading perfectly into the title track which further enforced the band’s views on the UK’s current social climate.

If you like Testament, Discharge, Poison Idea & Dripback, this band will be one of your new favorites of 2013.

Oh and you can get it for free over at their Bandcamp page, how very nice of them.

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