Fights And Fires – We Could All Be Dead Tomorrow


Fights And Fires, a punk/hardcore band from Worcester in the UK, released their latest album earlier this month, We Could All Be Dead Tomorrow. The band obviously performs with an excess of passion, that much is evident just from seeing pictures from their performances as well as their extensive touring (2012 took them all over Europe, there’s even a handy map on their Facebook page). However, it is that same passion that is a little lacking from this recording. Many of the songs hit on the same notes and used the same vocal pattern: lead vocal screams, background vocal refrain, repeat.

While listening to We Could…, I noticed a few extended drum beats, or bass sections that seemed to go on a little too long – little things that would fit right in during a live performance, but were out of place in a recorded format.

The highlights of this 11-track album are the lead guitar licks, which on many of the tracks are hidden just under the surface, either by accident or design. If you pay close enough attention, you will be rewarded with some great solos. Montreal-based Priestess immediately came to mind, so much so that I’ve actually started humming “Lay Down” while writing this review.

With a busy schedule already planned for 2013, they’ll clearly build on their pre-existing success and fan base. Stay tuned for more updates from our UK friends.

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