Jet Pack – Chasing Sunsets


Aww, the moment I started listening to “Back To Life” from Jet Pack’s newest album Chasing Sunsets, I was instantly taken back to my younger days when bands like Saves The Day, Count The Stars and other pop-punk-indie-emo bands were a dime a dozen but you couldn’t help but listen to them constantly and spend all your money on cds, shows and merch. It took be by surprise to learn that these young UK lads are unsigned, I expected them to be on a label like Hopeless or Equal Vision.

As the album continued on, I couldn’t stop smiling and swaying along with the music, picturing a younger crowd doing the same thing, singing and clapping along to songs like “The Heat Of The Moment”. “Chasing Sunsets” immediately made me miss the days of Chris Carrabba/Dashboard Confessional doing acoustic tours (again, showing my age). Its refreshing seeing that this style of music has not died off and has me curious about what other hidden gems like these guys there might be in the UK. Maybe if we ask nicely, someone from the band will put together a mixtape/playlist for us of similar artists that we can check out (*hinthint*).

The falsetto that comes at us by surprise in “All I Need” was a very pleasant surprise (I’m a sucker for male vocalists that do that) I’m not sure how popular they are in their area but I really hope these guys gain a ton of US fans and are able to come visit across the pond to the US and give us a chance to be a part of the crowd at their show and feel young again. Might we suggest teaming up with The Drama State for a tour or even a collaboration as it would be a perfect fit. Either way, please keep up the great work and never give up!

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