Majid Jordan – A Place Like This

Every now and then, an artist comes along that catches your eye (or should I say ear) and has you wanting to know more – for me that was Majid Jordan. Within seconds of hearing “A Place Like This” I was pulled in and wanted to hear more. Their sound reminded me of the 90s trip-hop band Sneaker Pimps (see “6 Underground”), but with a modern twist.

While production is definitely noticeable, A Place Like This is not over-produced. Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman know what they’re doing in the recording studio and it’s no surprise that Drake (yes, THAT Drake) signed them to his label OVO Sound. There’s such a smooth, mellow sound from the beginning of “Forever” to the end of “A Place Like This”. The flow is so good, you can set the album on loop and never get sick of it. Whether you wanna party with friends or kick back and relax, this album is perfect.

Their style if very versatile they could easily go from playing in a club to touring with artists like Justin Timberlake, Maroon 5, Jason Derulo, Pharrell, or even Drake himself. The album has only been out for a couple months and I’m already anxiously anticipating what’s next for them. Do yourself a favor and give these guys a listen. Maybe it’s not your usual style of music, or maybe it is and you need that extra push to check out someone new – no matter who you are, what you’re into, or how stubborn you are – all it takes is a few minutes to listen to a track and gather your own opinion of Majid Jordan. And if you end up loving them like I do, you can thank me later 😉

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