Manhattan Coast – This One’s For You


While I had never heard of Manhattan Coast before – within seconds of the first song I immediately recognized a vocal style similar to that of Daryl Palumbo from Glassjaw/Head Automatica – it was love at first listen. And of course, it turns out they are from the UK, so now I have even more reason to make a long-awaited trip across the ocean. I swear, most of the good music is coming from the UK lately.

I was a bit shocked when I went to their Facebook page and saw only 1,500 or so likes – I expected to see a much higher number. Someone big needs to take notice to them and really help them take off.


This album is so catchy, and I really can’t get over Nick Lane’s voice (Nick, if you’re reading this, feel free to record yourself singing some lullabies for all of us to enjoy. Ok? Thanks). After listening to this album you can tell that these dudes are the kind you want to be around – whether its touring together or kicking back, grabbing a slice and chatting until theres nothing left to talk about. I honestly can’t pick a favorite track because they’re all so good.

I’m a bit bummed that this is only an EP but at least that means I have a full-length to look forward to in the hopefully near-ish future. Everything about this band is on point.

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