Maycomb – I Opened My Heart To Caustic Things


Pop-punk band Maycomb, hailing from Wolverhampton (It’s in the UK, go ahead, google it), knocks ‘em dead with a fast-paced debut album “I Opened My Heart to Caustic Things.”

With musical stylings similar to Just Surrender and The Starting Line, Maycomb mixes a unique blend of pop, rock, and punk to make their original sound. They also bring in Senses Fail-like guitar riffs in songs like “New Storms”, pairing them with powerful lyrics to make for a catchy tune.

Filled with urbanely diverse vibes, just like their hometown that’s consumed with art and culture, Maycomb combines verses and choruses that are pleasing to anyone who listens. They are definitely on the cusp of something big, and if you like English accents as much as I do you’ll want to be paying attention.

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