Misgivings – Delete History

The overcrowded alternative and emo scene has helped blur the lines between alternative music and some of the more punk rock bands out there. Former premier bands like Avail, No Use For A Name, and As Friends Rust aren’t names you hear a lot of any more, but with bands like Misigivings, hopefully their brand of melodic punk rock will continue on in their wake.

This record is fun and a pleasure to listen to, tracks like opener “Century” and follow up “It’s A Bone, You Lucky Dog” show a band that clearly know their sound and what they want to bring to fans. Unfortunately, the production is below par and does leave a lot to desire, but the energy and positive feelings the band bring is easily recognizable and these things can almost be forgiven.

6 songs of punk rock made by a bunch of friends that  have a “combined love of melodic punk, drinking and travelling” (As quoted from their bandcamp page)  couldn’t be a more apt thing to say about Misgivings. If you can get past the production, I guarantee it’s worth your time.

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