Miss Vincent – Creepy


Pennywise, Bad Religion, Rise Against, MxPx, The Living End.. these are all bands that you will want to start listening to again after you hear “Deadlock”, the first track off the newest release, Creepy, from those charming UK boys Miss Vincent. These guys bring punk back to its raw roots with a bit of a polished touch to make them shine. Within seconds I find myself wanting to hum along to the chorus’ on each track. Catchy is one word you could use to describe this album.

“I Don’t Want This” easily has become my favorite track off this release, with “Planning To Fail” coming in at a close second. After one complete listen to the album, I am in love with Alex Marshall’s voice. This is one of the albums that will definitely make it onto my iPod as well as most of my playlists. I wish Rock Band was still adding tracks because this band would be perfect for it. This band may be only a year or so old but I can see their fanbase growing rapidly once word gets out about them. I look forward to new releases from this band as I am intrigued to see where they go and how they grow. Someone call Kevin Lyman and get these guys on Warped Tour next year!

You can download this album for FREE (although we suggest tossing the band a few bucks/pounds for all their hard work and awesomeness) at

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