My Iron Lung – Relief


Considering that My Iron Lung has only existed for 3 years, they’ve managed to make quite a name for themselves in the emo-core scene, leading to Relief, the band’s first full-length album since forming in San Diego back in 2011.

The first two tracks, “Commonwealth” and “Conflict Of Interest”, echo delightfully of classic emo, but with hints of hardcore influence. Almost like Sunny Day Real Estate and Small Brown Bike had a kid, and that kid listened to a lot of Fugazi. Track #3, “The Darkest Past”, reminds me of a harder version of The Appleseed Cast. Actually, the more I think about it, most of this album reminds me of a harder version of The Appleseed Cast. Wonderfully toned and intricate guitar work, with super composed drums, heavy underlying bass, and vocals that sing just as much as they scream. If anyone out there is classifying this band as hardcore, let me say it is the most interesting and complex hardcore I have heard in years. Of the 10 songs on the record, none of them let up in their originality, complexity, or intensity.

The band just finished up a major national tour with Hundreth, Counterparts, and Handguns, and then they jump across the pond for a string of shows in the UK this winter. If I had to call it now, expect their opener status to be a very temporary thing. This band is one single away from being a headliner.

Upstate Rhythm Section at Emo At Heart