Senses Fail – Renacer


The new Senses Fail album, Renacer, is much heavier than back in their more emo days of Let it Enfold You and Still Searching.

I guess I didn’t realize how long ago I fell off of the Senses Fail bandwagon. Their last album that I specifically remember listening to in full was probably Still Searching, sometime around 2007(ish). Besides the occasional single from a newer album, I didn’t notice how long it had actually been. Needless to say, when I listened to their latest release, it’s not at all what I remember listening to back in high school.

I know they’ve had some band member changes over the past few years, which certainly may account for their overall sound evolution. Their harder sound is still enjoyable, just unexpected.

I had the pleasure of seeing Senses Fail live for the first time in Asbury Park this year, and after being a fan since their earlier days, it was much overdo. A good chunk of the songs they played live were older ones mixed in with a few from this album.

The new album makes them most comparable to bands like Periphery. There’s much more screaming than melodic singing on Renacer. It’s difficult to compare the “old” SF to the “new” SF since they are the same band (for the most part), but I do occasionally enjoy parts that remind me of the band’s older sound. The songs “Ancient Tombs” and “Snake Bites” most closely remind me of the old school Senses Fail days with an even balance of singing and screaming.

I’m interested to see how their sound will progress, and whether it will continue to get darker and heavier or whether it’ll lighten some and go back towards the “Buried a Lie” phase.

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