Storm The Bay – Travel Songs

Storm the Bay, an upcoming quintet from Western New York, has an energetic sound that would appeal to any pop/punk/rock fans with their blend of screaming, singing, and good old musicianship.

Their most recent EP, Travel Songs, comes on the heels of their past albums Hit the Ground Running (2011) and By All Means (2010). There is a strong, steady progression that is evident from album to album.

Storm the Bay’s sound, although similar to other bands grouped in this genre, produces some really catchy tracks. They are definitely bound to start gaining attention from the pop punk world, especially after they release their full-length album later this year.

Their vocal stylings include a blend of Red Jumpsuit Apparatus with a little bit of Mayday Parade; while the overall sound is reminiscent of A Day to Remember with an even blend between screaming and vocals.

Travel Songs tells the story of regret and mistake of a lost relationship or love. A lot of the lyrics have a theme of self-pity and self-doubt, which anyone who has ever loved and lost can relate to. This theme permeates the entire EP, leading up to the closing track, “Days Go By”, which acts as an apology for all past transgressions.

I’m excited to hear what comes next from them and hope they start to gain some more media attention outside of their local region. They have stiff competition in this genre, but it will be a good test for them to see how their sound progresses and develops.

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