Taking Back Sunday – Happiness Is


If you didn’t know any better, you would think that Taking Back Sunday were a new band coming at you with a powerful indie-rock-fueled debut album – but in reality they are long time veterans of the music scene. Maybe its the fact that Happiness Is feels like the band went back to their roots that has me thinking about this, or maybe its just that young, spirited feeling I get when listening to this album.

I was a bit nervous upon my first listen – sometimes when a band reaches its sixth album, they sound less and less like they did when first started out. Fortunately, that’s not at all the case with TBS. I was very torn listening to this album though, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to lay back and relax or sing along at the top of my lungs – such is the dual nature of a Taking Back Sunday album. This album also has me feeling a bit of Brand New and Thrice too – both welcome additions.

When asked about how he approached this album, Adam Lazzara replied, “I tried to be a little more loose; I was more focused on being myself than trying to sound perfect or anything. We also played around a lot with arranging the harmonies and playing with layers and I think that makes these songs a lot more rich.”


Personally, I feel that having a “no fucks” attitude and just doing what he feels was exactly what this album needed. As bands and artists mature, they tend to focus too hard on making everything perfect and living up to what they think others will want of them. Its very refreshing to see someone stick to their roots and create something they’re proud of.

“Better Homes And Gardens” is easily one of my favorite tracks off the album. Musically, it has a very we-grew-up-a-little-but-we’re-still-the-same-band feel to it. “Like You Do” reminded me a lot of Neon Trees (maybe a remix with guest vocals by Tyler Glenn could be in order, or maybe touring together and having a surprise sing along with him – fingers crossed). This album will defintiely be in heavy rotation, and is a strong early contender for one of my top albums of 2014. Bands like Taking Back Sunday remind me that no matter what kind of music I’m into, I will always be emo at heart (see what I did there?)

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