Terra Terra Terra – The Space We Create


Since good things always come in threes, the trio Terra Terra Terra, hailing from central Florida, makes a bold statement with their sophomore album “The Space We Create.”

Loren Taylor, Matthew Hagelberger, and Tyler Soucey compose a contagious pop-rock mix of toe-tapping upbeat tracks and heart-felt ballads that are an ideal combination for anyone who follows the genre.

With influences and inspiration coming from Taking Back Sunday, The Killers, Brand New and the like, their original sound is an effective blend of these, and countless other bands from their generation.

The song “She is…Disarming,” emulates the sound of their central Florida neighbors Anberlin, while several other tracks have a more suggestive The Classic Crime-like sound.

“Burn,” a track that personally resonates with me, is one of my favorites on the album. From the first few notes, the first few lines, the infectious melody immediately becomes the soundtrack to every early twenty-something set movie about finding your own place in the world, about living every moment like it’s your last, about what it’s like when you first figure out your entire life is ahead of you, waiting for you. This is the perfect “movie song”, and a true highlight of this album.

This ambitious thirteen track effort couldn’t have been completed without the hard work and dedication from Terra Terra Terra, and it is absolutely to their credit to produce something with this level of mass appeal.

They’re definitely up and coming on the pop-rock scene, and I’m excited to see what comes next. “The Space We Create” is available now and you can check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

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