Texas In July – Bloodwork


The metalcore scene is saturated with acts that are more or less the same; uninventive, carbon copies of the bands that preceded them. There is a lot of fight for attention and musicianship – with talent have being pushed aside in favour of style and predictability, but with bands like Texas In July, there is still hope that the real heart and soul of the genre can win through.

As with all previous releases, Bloodwork shows that the band is still able to write fun and interesting music, with real grit and power, even with 4 albums and their Salt Of The Earth EP under their belts. Drummer Adam Grey has proved time and time again that his talent behind the kit is something that shouldn’t ever be held back. Intricate, interesting performances and his sheer power could never be denied. The instrumental track “Decamilli” is a perfect example of his talent. New vocalist T.J Cavey has real punch in his vocal style, while still being able to perform the half-spoken, half-sung vocals during “Sweetest Poison” – one of the album’s stand out tracks.

From furious starter “Nooses”, the anthemic “Sweetest Poison”, the technicality of “Decamilli”, and the powerful closer “Bloodwork”, this album is a great reminder that there is life in a genre that gets passed over by lazy people who are unprepared to look for the real talent out there.

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