The Lawrence Arms – Metropole


Far too often have I seen bands come back from a period of inactivity with utterly disappointing results. Nothing is worse than your favorite band comes back from the grave just to bum you out with their new music. On the other hand, one of the best feelings in the world is when a band I’ve loved for a long time comes back and puts out awesome new music. Chicago punk legends The Lawrence Arms have emerged once again to drop their sixth full length, Metropole. There is nothing disappointing about it! It’s the saddest album that just can’t bum me out no matter how hard it tries.

While Metropole may be a little more mellow than this trio’s previous releases, the same amount of heart and devotion are apparent. For those of you who aren’t familiar with The Lawrence Arms, they have a very recognizable brand of dual vocal songs that highlight the disappointing feelings of growing up and losing love from your life. While pretty much every song is a sad one, they are all very human and relatable.

Somewhere buried in their catchy riffs and gritty vocals in a glimmer of hope that makes you feel good as you relate to the existential hardships of Metropole. This is a very solid album and I would not sleep of this one.

Rob G
Artistic Exhibitionist at Emo At Heart