The Lawsuits – Tumbled


Philadelphia, PA-based The Lawsuits, fresh off their critically acclaimed debut, Cool Cool Cool, have just released a new EP, Tumbled. The band – now a five-piece thanks to the addition of Joe Bisirri on guitar and piano – have beautifully crafted 4 songs that are as incredible as they are varied.

A year ago, on the release of Cool Cool Cool, I wrote the following:

Imagine a very large blender – got it? Ok, fill it with every musical style dating back 60 or so years, stir in the vocal stylings of The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and Norah Jones – then turn on high and let it rip. The result: The Lawsuits’ latest album…

Like a great vineyard, the year-to-year product remains outstanding – with subtle differences in the final product – this year’s batch fragrant with notes of The Moody Blues and Patsy Kline.

Each of the EP’s four tracks is a stand-out, but I have to call special attention to “Gimme Gimme”, featuring vocalist Vanessa Winters channeling the inimitable Dusty Springfield, as well as the exquisite guitar solo in “Sweet Marcelle” – whether the work of the aforementioned Bisirri, or of frontman Brian Dale Allen Strouse – it , and the EP as a whole, is a pure joy to listen to. – J

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