Thief Club – My Heavy

With Hit The Lights laying low, I’ve really missed hearing new songs featuring Nick Thompson’s voice and was super stoked to hear that he was releasing an album from his new project, Thief Club. My first thought was wondering whether it would be something completely different, or if it would sound like a HTL album – and the answer? It lies somewhere in the middle.

Some songs were obviously written with the intent for them to become Hit The Lights tracks, others feel like Nick was in a different state of mind. “Weight With You” is one of the tracks that has a slightly different feel to it, and its also one of my favorites off the album. It has a hint of a 90s-alternative type vibe to it – something you would expect to hear in commercials and the end credits of a teen flick. “DMT” caught me by surprise and made me smile (I can’t help it, I’m a sucker for poppy music) and immediately made me think of the “Drop The Girl – The Secret Handshake” (Rowdy Boiz Remix) track. “Follow You” makes me wish it was a Hit The Lights track, mostly because it sounds so fun and I can imagine the live version being intensely awesome (which is how all their live songs are, for those of you that may not have experienced the magic that is a Hit The Lights show yet).

I’m curious to see, once Thief Club tours, if Nick does the solo thing or brings musicians on the road with him. – and if so, who would be his backing band? I know Kevin Mahoney (guitarist for HTL) plays a bit on the recording so maybe he would be first pick? Would they mix some Thief Club songs into a Hit The Lights set as an encore or something for fun and to please the fans?

I know I would enjoy seeing a nice mix of both, but then again I am a bit of a fangirl when it comes to these guys. One thing is for sure, no matter which project Nick is working on, I will always support it and buy all the things!! (Side note: the Thief Club shirt I bought is the most comfortable item of clothing I own and everyone needs to get one asap).

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