Trash Boat – Look Alive

EP’s seem to be a more common release from bands than putting together one solid full length album. Maybe it’s because they want to be able to experiment with their sound more and see what people like most, or maybe it’s because it’s cheaper to record 4 songs than it is 12. UK pop punkers Trash Boat opted to stick with the shorter route when they were putting together their newest release, Look Alive.

This album has a bit more of a “demo” feel to it than an EP, showcasing a mix of pop punk and melodic hardcore, with hints of influences from bands like Rise Against, Thrice and Blink 182. I will admit, it’s kinda hard to get a good feel for what I really think about these guys when the EP clocks in at only 12 minutes long. I’m sure for fans of the band this is great, but for someone new to their sound I wish there was more to it. I also feel like seeing them live would have me more interested. They have that energy to their music that pulls you in but translates better on stage. Some bands are at their best during live shows rather than being in a recording booth and I get the feeling that Trash Boat is one of those bands. My guess is that they feed off their crowd’s energy, be it sing-alongs or pileups.

I wouldn’t mind hearing a live EP for their next release and seeing if my guesses are correct. One thing’s for sure, I’ll definitely be following up on what the band is up to during their career. Hopefully when someone like The Story So Far tours out their way they’ll get the chance to open the show and then get offered to open for them on some US dates, preferably in the North East so I can check em out.

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