Yellowcard – Ocean Avenue Acoustic


In 2003, Yellowcard put out an amazing album called Ocean Avenue, and every pop punk fan in the world fell in love with it. 10 years later, on the album’s anniversary, the band has re-released the album but with a different twist. Everything is acoustic.

Hearing the opening chords to “Breathing” being done acoustically is beautiful. The whole album is pleasing to my ears. I applaud the band for being able to reimagine such energetic and powerful songs into gorgeous ballads. Just when you thought “Only One” couldn’t get any more emotional then it already was, they pulled out the acoustic guitars and turned it into a powerful track. If I close my eyes I can picture being at a hall show with a bunch of die-hard fans singing along so loud that they overpower the singer, like at old Saves The Day/Hot Water Music shows.

It reminds me of my younger days and reminds me how meaningful songs can be and how heavy they hit your heart. This album is inspiring me to make a playlist composed of these songs and artists like Dashboard Confessional, Saves The Day, Onelinedrawing, Get Up Kids, and Hot Water Music. Come to think of it, they should all get together and do an acoustic tour. That would be AMAZING.

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