You Blew It – You Blue It


Let me start this review by saying I am not a fan of most Weezer covers. Like most Nirvana covers, the band playing the song is often missing the mark completely. They’re thinking about how they can interpret the song before they think about what the song means – and although I enjoy You Blew It’s music, I was not sure what to expect from this EP.

Thankfully, the band has delivered a solid set of excellent covers, and it’s all rather refreshing. All 5 songs come from the sessions that made up the groundbreaking Blue Album, Weezer’s first rock masterpiece. Although You Blew It dials the distortion back, they hit the nail directly on the head when it comes to the feel and attitude of the music. The annunciation coming from the singer’s voice is absolutely welcomed and can help even a seasoned Weezer fan remember the right words to the songs. With “Only In Dreams”, YBI demonstrates that they truly understand why this music was created and how it affects the fans. They take a slight spin on the arrangement, but do not deviate from the core melodies and notes. The inclusion of “Suzanne” as the final song on the EP is a superb choice. As a fan of the original version, this new dialed-back and gently picked version is so smooth to the ears.

When Weezer released the Blue Album 20 years ago, those songs touched millions of people in an incredible way. They were an anthem for the nerds, the outcasts, the kids who felt they were the odd ones out. Listening to YBI cover these songs and keep the anthems alive, well, that gives me hope for music and makes me a die hard fan of both bands all over again.

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