Zebrahead – Call Your Friends


Well its about damn time, Zebrahead finally released a new album! Ever since I saw the video for “Get Back” in 1998, I knew these guys were going to be around for a long time with their awesomeness. Blending a variety of pop punk with melodic vocals and hip hop, they were something a little different but very catchy.

Their diveristy made it easy for them to tour with just about anyone (my favorite was the Crouching Fish, Hidden Finger tour with Goldfinger and Reel Big Fish in 2001). Although the band has gone through a couple member changes, nothing has stopped them from bringing us the tunes we’ve loved for years.

The album’s title track, “Call Your Friends” is a perfect example of how the band hasn’t changed and that they will still get you out of your seat or at least tapping your foot along while singing along to the woahs. The song also has all the makings for the lead song on a soundtrack to any college-aged flick (as does the video). After listening to the album, you will be anxiously awaiting a tour date being announced for your area to catch the band live (which for those of us on the East Coast has felt like forever).

Songs like “Born To Lose” give you the vision of an energetic live show, complete with syncronized jumping and circle pits, accompanied by the doll-like ladies near the front of the stage hoping to catch Ali Tabatabaee’s eye. Listening to this album is like taking an energy shot, its impossible not to feel energized by their catchy hooks and singalongs. Its safe to say that if your alarm clock was set to one of these songs (I suggest “Automatic” or “Call Your Friends”) you would wake up with a smile and start your day bouncing. One of my favorites is “Until The Sun Comes Up”, which is the perfect party anthem and I find myself dancing in my seat every time I hear it.

Hopefully the band will hit the road in support of this album and travel out our way.. might we suggest touring with Andrew W.K. or Less Than Jake, or maybe even both together? Now THAT would be quite the party!

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