Arms For Elephants – My Judas Scene


One of the things that really bothers me is when I hear a band that has great potential and I’m really digging the vocals, is when I can hear noticeable issues with the production/mixing of the album. That’s the trouble I’m facing with Minnesota post-hardcore band Arms For Elephants’ new album My Judas Scene. While the music lover in me is hooked and wants to hear more, the audio imperfections had me wanting to press skip.

Technical things aside, I could listen to singers Matt Evans and Fletch Archerd all day and not get sick of hearing their voices, which blend melodically even when there are screaming parts. At some points, their vocal sound reminds me of earlier songs from The Drama State, more specifically Ryan Diskey’s vocal tone. As a whole, the band reminds me of a mix between Story Of The Year and We Came As Romans, but with their own spin on things.

You can hear it their songs that there is a lot of energy to the band and I’m sure it shows when they perform live. They would fit in well with tours such as Vans Warped Tour and Taste Of Chaos (which we really hope will make a return to the east coast soon). I really hope that someone picks these guys up and gives them some time in the studio with a great producer like John Feldmann, I’d hate to see their potential go to waste. Give it a few years, or maybe even sooner, and I can see these guys gaining popularity.

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