Born Cages – I’m Glad I’m Not Me

featureBorn Cages is a three piece alternative rock band formed and fronted by Vlad Holiday on lead vocals and guitar, Matt Maroulakos on bass and keyboards, and David Tantao on drums. Formed in 2011, Born Cages released The Sidelines EP in 2013 and now their debut full length album is here — I’m Glad I’m Not Me — bursting with a multidimensional sound that should please any alt rock lover. You’ll be putting this one on repeat — this album is addictive from beginning to end.

Though I described them as “alt rock” there is plenty of variety throughout the album to keep it interesting. There is a new wave sound to a few of the tracks, in particular “I Just Want The Truth, Baby”, which is one of my favorite tracks on this album. It’s sexy, heavy on the synth, and along with Holiday’s captivating vocals and guitar, it’s polished to perfection. There’s also an indie vibe that emerges in songs like “Volcano” and “Finding Beauty In A Broken World”, which is a nice contrast to the first part of the album. Many of the tracks are laced with guitar riffing anthems about self discovery, finding strength, and staying true; songs that give you a lot to think about lyrically, yet make you want to dance. I was elated over the guitar solos through out this album which added new life to already amazing tracks such as “Rolling Down The Hill”, “Don’t Look Back”, “Metaphor”, and “Dirty Money”. There’s just something about each of these songs that stands out, which I find happens less and less on albums nowadays. There is nothing generic about Born Cages.

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Now as much as I enjoyed every track off of I’m Glad I’m Not Me, I can’t write this review without mentioning my favorite track, “Caiti”. I cannot get enough of this song and I would have loved to hear more of this sound incorporated into the album. It’s guitar infused, energized, straight up shake your ass rock n’ roll.

Cause baby if you ever think what if/ If you ever think of me/ Yeah, I’ll be writing songs about myself/ For everyone to sing/ Singing “ooh” / You’ll be singing too

Yes. Write those songs about yourself. And don’t ever stop. Even though this album was just released earlier this summer I’m already excited for the next one. (Edit: I saw them on this summer’s Vans Warped Tour shortly after writing this review, and it was glorious!)