Dashboard Confessional – Grand Theater at Foxwoods (Mashantucket, CT)

dcThe Summer Reunion Tour has become all the rage these days, and while Dashboard Confessional — whose last album was 2009’s Alter The Ending — never “broke up”, simply on hiatus while lead singer/frontman Chris Carrabba launched a new musical venture in Twin Forks, their return to the stage was met with a thunderous applause.

Launching straight into “Screaming Infidelities”, “Again It Goes Unnoticed”, and “The Good Fight” — the band was firing on all cylinders.  Carrabba and Co. have a clearly structured and defined stage show that weaves in and out of the band’s back catalog. While much of the emphasis was placed on DC’s first two albums — The Swiss Army Romance and The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most — their 70-minute set was rounded out with a few later-album tracks, as well as two from Twin Forks’s LP, “Back To You” and “Cross My Mind”.

What impressed me the most about the performance was seeing how Carrabba, and Dashboard Confessional as a whole, has adapted the composition of many of DC’s most popular songs. Standards like “The Swiss Army Romance” still resonate as they once did — one man and his acoustic guitar. But others, like “The Sharp Hint Of New Tears” — both my personal favorite and highlight of the night for me — were set low, heavy, and very electric. Carrabba has obviously grown a lot as both a person and an artist in the 15 years since a lot of these songs were first released, and it is clear that these tracks have aged — gracefully, mind you — along with him.

Dashboard Confessional - Grand Theater at Foxwoods (Mashantucket, CT)

Carrabba, who is never more at home than when he is on stage, was clearly enjoying himself. For what was a de facto hometown crowd (Carrabba is from West Hartford, CT— about an hour from tonight’s venue), he was playful the entire night — bantering back and forth with the audience, and even apologizing for the occasional curse word, “Sorry auntie!”

By the end of the night, and the what-else-could-it-be show stopper “Hands Down”, the crowd was on their feet — singing back at the top of their lungs, dancing in their seats, and participating in the most beneficial of symbiotic relationships, that of performer and audience. No one is having more fun than Chris Carrabba is on stage, and that pure joy and excitement was reflected right back at him the entire night.

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(Words and Photos by Josh. Show date: 06/12/2015)

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