Four Year Strong – Four Year Strong

fysJust less than a year after releasing the EP, Go Down In History, Four Year Strong are back with a full-length, self-titled album that is sure to excite fans of the pop-punk genre; their combination of music and lyrics just makes you want to throw down in a pit at their next show.

With 10 new songs – including “Go Down In History” – they don’t disappoint: with the familiar musicality that is fast, high-energy beats, and signature witty lyrics. As a whole, the band leaves everything on the table as they “brace for the hate, to be the subject of debate.”

My favorite track from the new album is “We All Float Down Here”, which perfectly incorporates that syncopated rhythm. It starts out with intense lyrics, “peel your skin back to show what you’re made of,” and continues to expose the person in question of their indecisiveness.

They’ve been doing this since the early 2000’s, so I guess you can consider them veterans in the pop-punk world. Whenever they drop some new, kick-ass tunes, they back it up with solid live performances. Take a listen to the rest of Four Year Strong for the full effect what they’re about and why fans keep coming back for more.

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