Golden Youth – The Cabin


Since last year’s debut album Quiet Frame; Wild Light, Golden Youth has built up quite a fan base around the country. Originally from Nashville, TN, Stephanie Lauren and Kyle Monroe recently wrapped up a few dates with Relient K, and are now back in the studio recording their next album.

Similar to their previous album, this 5 song EP, The Cabin, greets the listener with the same, light, airy, and carefree feeling, yet the lyrics are far from nonsensical. Opening up with “Tall Trees”, the only lyric-less song on the record, you are immediately transported to a relaxing, refreshing dream world where you can imagine yourself in an open field, staring up at the stars with fireflies fluttering by. The transition continues right into “Plans”, where Lauren questions the possibility of fate with many references to scenic pieces of the world.

In the Slospeak Records biography of the duo, Monroe states, “Since the lyrics in our songs were so driven by nature, we thought that the music should reflect that.” The nature vibe is reflected in the titles of the songs like “Mountains” and “Stars Apart” as well as the sound of Lauren’s delicate voice.

If you’re into bands like Of Monsters and Men and Scars on 45, they’re definitely worth checking out – especially since The Cabin is the first of three EP’s Golden Youth plans on releasing.

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