Hands Like Houses – Dissonants

featureHands Like Houses returns to the spotlight with their new album Dissonants – out February 26th via Rise Records. With incredibly clean vocals and instrumental poetry, each individual song has its own meaning and feel, but connects with itself as a whole – making the album one that can be played consistently.

dis-so-nant, adjective
– not in harmony

Hands Like Houses, an album by
– yeah, the complete opposite of that

Each of the album’s 12 tracks has its own heartbeat – a song for every type of person out there – showing that music has no singular audience, and that likewise, Hands Like Houses no singular style.

It feels like not only a step forward but also a step to the right. We never want to make the same album twice but we also never want to leave anybody behind. – vocalist Trenton Woodley

This album retains instrumental echoes of 2012’s Ground Dweller, with powerful lyrical expression that reminds me of 2013’s Unimagine. The band also participated in the Vans Warped Tour last year (our photos of the band you can check out below), one of the biggest places for alternative music to reenergized and be recognized. Not only can you hear the band’s thunder on Dissonants, you can feel it in your core. I have no doubts that these talented Australians will continue to be recognized further in the music industry and congratulate them on a job well done.

(Album review and photos by Daryan – VWT date: 7/12/2015)

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