He Is Legend – Boston Music Rooms (London, UK)

It’s been a long time since these shores were graced with their presence but He Is Legend finally made it back to the UK.

He Is legend’s style of southern rock was greeted by a rapturous response from their rabid fans who have clearly been waiting for this for a fair amount time.

Playing a good mix of tracks from previous releases, they made the best of their time on stage in London while highlighting their new album Heavy Fruit as centerpiece. Vocalist Schuylar Croom looks every part the southern rocker, while performing and enjoying every moment of it.

The band sounded great, and slayed through their set and took the audience through the highs and lows or their world, whether it be with a slow stoner groove or a fast and ready party song.

Something tells me they won’t be staying away so long next time.

(Words and Photos by Andrew. Show date: 10/24/14)

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