Mercies – Blue Against Green


How a band describes themselves says a lot to me. Whether it be something straightforward like “rock”, “pop”, or even “acoustic indie” – to the more, shall we say unique – as in the case with California trio Mercies; branding themselves as “forest-pop”. And whether subliminal or not – that’s exactly how I would describe them as well.

Mercies sophomore album, Blue Against Green – out now on Randm Records – takes the listener on a dark, moody, and ethereal 11-song trip. A few weeks ago we previewed “Deep Sleeper”, and while it gives a pretty good impression of what to expect on the album, it hardly does the other 10 songs justice. From the wistful “Zalea” to the faster “Atwater” to the mellow, low-key, and personal favorite of yours truly, “We Tried” – which contains the following refrain:

It’s all that we know
We’re like hunters, we’re drawing back our bows
We close one eye and watch our arrows fly
So for now, at least we know, we tried

Those few lines have been swimming around in my head for days – transporting me to some dense, fog-enveloped forest. Give the song a listen below and tell me you don’t have the same experience.


With Blue Against Green firmly following in the footsteps of their debut album, Three Thousand Days, Mercies has a clear direction and focus for their music and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next. Wherever they’re going – musically or metaphorically – count me in.

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