Northernmost – Pinedale


Massachusetts-based Northernmost have a reason to celebrate today – it’s the release date of their latest EP, Pinedale, and it really is quite good. One song in particular, “Cloudy” – which gets both the electric and acoustic treatment – is about someone close to singer/guitarist Jesse Field, and you can feel the emotion, especially in the acoustic version. The rest of EP’s tracks bring in some heavier elements, mixed with plenty of melodic moments – all making for a thoroughly enjoyable listen.

A thought that kept popping in my head as I listened to this EP was how much the songs reminded me of Hot Rod Circuit. The songs “Milo” and “Afterglow” gave off an HRC vibe to me, and while I’m not trying to compare the two bands, it is definitely a compliment towards Northernmost.

Give Pinedale a listen below. Then maybe fall in love with some lyrics and get them tattooed on your body – you might get free Northernmost tickets for life!