Scarlett Parade – Wildwoods

scarlettUK-based duo Scarlett Parade have just released their debut EP, Wildwoods. But don’t let their minimal member count fool you, their music is rich and complex with powerful melodies and a strong penchant for storytelling.

The core duo, Geoffrey Tinkler and Adam Jones, are also joined by Julia Coles, Carrie Haber, and Geoffrey’s sister Katie to round out the vocals on Wildwoods. The vocals are far from the only stand-out feature of this EP. The instrumentation of each track transitions seamlessly from light piano or acoustic guitar segments to a more electronic beat with a heavy bass — there and back again all without feeling disjointed or out of place.

And speaking of There And Back Again, Tinkler and Jones are no stranger to drawing on fantasy worlds for their inspiration. The EP’s first single, “White River”, is an epic tale. Imagine Game of Thrones with a rock opera-esque soundtrack.

Wildwoods is complex, no doubt about it, but a stellar debut from beginning to all-too-short 4-song end.

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