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When I got word that 2 of my favorite up-and-coming artists, The Drama State and Young Alive were going to be touring together on the East Coast I got super excited! Little side story, Rob from Anchors and I first met the dudes from The Drama State a little over a year ago when we were attending a few dates of the Vans Warped Tour and a friend of ours asked if he and Remember Paris could come crash with us. Within moments of meeting them we knew we were best friends for life and that the two bands would someday tour together. Fast forward to the present time, do some name changes (Remember Paris to The Drama State and Anchors to Young Alive) and boom, that tour actually happened! Another band on this tour was Love, Robot but we didn’t really get the chance to chat with them but both bands spoke very highly of their members. Maybe next time they are in town we’ll get a moment to see what it is about them that made everyone fall in love.

The moment Josh and I got to the Heirloom Arts we were greeted by nonstop hugs. I think my face still hurts from all the smiling and laughing that went on that night. Sadly, the music scene in this area isn’t nearly the same as what it used to be so there was not a huge draw for the show. *warning, old lady rant* When I was younger, kids went out to shows to check out new bands and support them. Now it seems like kids will only come out if the bands are pretty enough or are all over MTV (on the rare moment that they actually play music on there). *end rant* Yes, it was a Sunday night, but school is still on Summer vacation so that’s not a good enough excuse (hell, Josh had to be up at 5:30am the next day and he still stayed until close to midnight to hangout and show some love).

You could tell that the bands got super close on this tour. During their performances, all the bands would stand in the crowd and sing and dance and clap to show their love and support. During the last song of each of the bands’ sets, the other bands’ members would join them onstage for a group sing-along. There was such a positive vibe going on that you couldn’t help but smile.

After a year of knowing them, I finally got the chance to see The Drama State perform live and it felt really good. I think they were just as excited for us to be seeing them perform as we were to be watching them, and they even dedicated a song to me and Josh, which was very sweet of them. Comparing videos from the past and their current stage performance I could se a HUGE improvement in them as a band. They were good before but now they have matured and become even better than ever. They have a very bright future ahead of them and with the dedication and heart that these boys put into what they do, they will be going places (including another tour that is in the works for October/November).

Young Alive have grown a bit as well since the last time we saw them. They are true musicians that look at every little aspect of the music that they are writing and make sure that its perfect. Not to take away from their own sound but they have a heavy Thrice feel to their music that will grab you and pull you in. I think a lot of people can and will appreciate their talent as they move forward with their career.

Normally, the end of a show is a sad one with all the goodbyes.. but not this one. The bands drove their vans into a circle (well, more like a triangle really) and had a soul train style dance party, complete with some of the most ridiculous dance moves you can imagine.. and maybe a little dickneck 😉 -Envy

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