The Dreaming – Rise Again


If you were a teen in the 90s, chances are you were a fan of Stabbing Westward — or at least knew who they were. In my case, I was infatuated with Christopher Hall and was jealous of his gorgeous hair. There was something intriguing and sensual about his voice and I was hooked from the get go. When the band parted ways in 2002, I was really bummed.

Fast forward to 2015, Hall and former band mate Walter Flakus have reunited to create Rise Again, the newest album from The Dreaming. For anyone hoping for that same sound/feeling that they loved from SW, get ready to swoon because this album hits it spot on. Hall’s vocals and Flakus’ programming is engulfing and suffocates you in a loving way, putting a delightful chill in your bones while making your heartbeat race until it consumes you.


I have happily fallen victim to this album and will continue to be enchanted by it forever — or at least until the next one is released. From beginning to end, Rise Again gives the feel of an action/thriller/horror story (cue flashbacks to the video for SW’s “Shame”). Reading along, the lyrics will even give you visions of a badass being fed up with the bullshit and taking down anyone that gets in their path that has wronged them. You know that Hall is some form of a lyrical genius when you can create something so cinematic in your thoughts from his words.

Gritty, yet clean — this album is perfection and mixes the former sound of SW with a modernized vibe that makes The Dreaming their own entity while still giving SW fans what they would want. Back in October 2014, the band released a video for the opening track “Alone” and I’ve been craving this new album ever since!


As a bonus for those that pre-ordered the album, the band recorded a cover of the Garbagesingle “#1 Crush” and anyone familiar with Hall’s voice knows this is eerily perfect. Depending on when you’re reading this, there still may be time to grab this track (simply pre-order the album and send a screenshot to their Facebook page). There is so much pain and emotion throughout the album, both lyrically and musically. Some bands struggle to relate the lyrical content and the music, and then there’s The Dreaming.

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