The Maine – American Candy

featureThe Maine’s new album, American Candy, is so sweet and addictive, it’s giving me a toothache just thinking about it. I’ve been keeping up with the Arizona natives since almost their start in the mid-2000’s, but this is probably my favorite album since the Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop era. John O’Callaghan & Co. have created a cohesive and delectable piece of art that I keep playing on repeat.

Now that summer is here, if you’re looking for an album to cruise around town or take with you on a long road trip, this is it. Most of the songs have that happy-pop tone mixed with a chill-California vibe, but the lyrics can still get deep at times while still being just plain silly at others.

The newest video for “English Girls” is a song which has great potential for commercial success, placing O’Callaghan living the Groundhog Day-esque situation of picking up an English girl in a bar, which ends in an unexpected a plot twist.

Some of my other favorite tracks include, “Miles Away” — which makes you wish summer would never end, “(Un)lost” — which gets a little more deep and contemplates the meaning of life, and “Another Night On Mars” — which shows that we all feel like outcasts at some points but it’s the people in our life that help us get through and make us feel less alone.

If you have the chance to take a listen to this album, I promise you will not be disappointed no matter what genre you favor.

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