The Orphan The Poet – Terrible Things

Terrible Things is the latest release from Dayton, Ohio’s The Orphan The Poet, but their latest all-too-short 5-track effort is anything but. The alt-rock quartet have delivered an impressive musical selection that echoes Mayday Parade and Anberlin while featuring vocals that vary from calm and low one minute to soaring and searching the next, all along with expertly-matched instrumentation, thanks I must think in no small part to the producing team that has previously worked with Cobra Starship (love you, Gabe) and Every Time I Die.

I could go on about the audio quality of this EP, but the lyrics are no slouch either. Each song is well-written and executed and each leave me with a little something different after every listen. I’m particularly fond of the chorus to “Bombs Away”:

Scream bombs away, keep your eyes open.
We’ll never be this young again, this is our moment.
But I’m not afraid, deep down I know it.
You can’t always run and play it safe
You gotta jump just to fall into place.

That sentiment of “living for today”, cliched though it may be, is still an important one to remember; and means just as much to me today – if not more – at 35 than it did at 25. There’s also a greater sense of maturity that I get from this band. Something I think is evident in a recent piece about that band on Substream Magazine.

Speaking about the title track, vocalist/guitarist David Eselgroth has this to say:

When I sent “Terrible Things” to the other guys, I honestly expected to be laughed at. I just figured they’d tell me to stop listening to so much Weezer or something, and I was fully prepared to toss the track into the “maybe someday” pile. Luckily, my bandmates had keener foresight than I did.

This speaks to Eselgroth and the band recognizing that, yes, sometimes your music is going to sound like other band’s music, and also having the confidence to write and record something truly your own.

It may not be difficult to draw out a handful of influential bands for this foursome, but that doesn’t anything away from what they’ve accomplished here and a full-length record cannot come soon enough as far as I’m concerned.

(Photo Credit: Errick Easterday)

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