The Other Stars – We Were Kids

featureWorcester, MA-based indie quartet The Other Stars have an impressive debut on their hands with the release of We Were Kids – out now via Take This To Heart Records. The album is quick-moving and well-layered, sharing sonic similarities with modern bands like The Front Bottoms as well as late ’90s/early ’00s alternative bands like Piebald and Midtown.

The opener, “You Looked Better At The Party”, opens a little too The Front Bottoms for me, but by the first chorus the song – and the album – only gets stronger from there. “Green My Eyes” is short and sweet and heartbreaking, starting off with my favorite verse of the album.

I can’t say I don’t think from time to time what it was like
for me to first see your blonde skies from the inside
of your tiny little bed, your dogs would take up most of it
but I didn’t mind, that was fine
because for a short time I had a spot to call all mine

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows however – but you’ll just have to listen to it and see for yourself. Following that is the real heart of the album, “Home Is Where You Make It” – high energy from start to finish, with strong lyrics and a perfectly matched musical backdrop. Says singer/guitarist Connor Bird of the track:

It’s about this winter when I was commuting to college in Boston. It was snowing like crazy almost every day and I had this really crappy car so it kind of sucked. I felt like I was being treated badly by someone close at the time too, so I think this was just me sort of venting about all of that.

The album’s closer with “Providence” – just Bird and a guitar – while not quite as polished as the songs that preceeded it, is just as strong. It reminds me, almost painfully so, of The Ataris’ “Looking Back on Today”, and to a time when that song meant so much to me…

Memory lane road trips aside, We Were Kids’ (only) seven tracks has left me wanting so much more. This may be the band’s debut, but there is clearly a strong foundation already – I can’t wait to see what’s next from these four.

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