The Young Hearts – Everything We Left Behind

The Young Hearts

Everything We Left Behind may only be their debut EP but I’m already falling in love with The Young Hearts. Seriously, it’s like someone took musical DNA from Saves The Day and Thrice and made the perfect musical baby. While the band has only been together for a couple years, they sound like seasoned professionals that have been playing for decades. They describe themselves as “kids at heart, desperately holding out our dead end dreams” and that’s something we here at Emo At Heart can relate to as we too are grown-up kids that will never lose our passion for music.

There are two things I can guarantee you will get out of this album: honesty and emotion. The Young Hearts don’t hold back; they tell you exactly how they feel and it’s part of what makes them perfect – you can hear it in vocalist Craig Lawrence’s voice, they mean every word. Like most bands, they have had many bumps in the road including variations of loss, but they didn’t let that stop them, and I for one couldn’t he happier for them. With only 5 songs, the EP almost feels like a tease to not have more, but if my feelings are correct, this won’t be the last we hear of them.

Aside from a full length album, I’d also love to hear an acoustic EP and maybe even an instrumental one. There is so much beautiful potential with The Young Hearts. A quick note to the band: On behalf of myself and others that still listen to their emo/indie mixtapes (now playlists) from the early 2000’s, THANK YOU for continuing to pursue your dreams and spreading your music to everyone. Some days you may feel like a small UK band but please know that you’re warming hearts all over the world, especially over here on the East Coast in the USA. Never give up, we need more honest & true bands like you guys out there <3

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