Unearth – Watchers Of Rule


It’s that time again — fans of the shred rejoice — Boston’s favourite Metalcore sons Unearth have returned and good god damn is it a welcome sight.

Their 6th album, Watchers Of Rule, first for their new home Entertainment One (in the US) doesn’t fail to bring everything they have from their previous records.

After the intro, we are treated to a calculated cacophony of sound that will please any metal fan in the form of “The Swarm”, which was posted on Soundcloud recently to a pretty great reaction. This track is like a discography of their history: blast beats, insane shredding, thrash solos, and beatdowns/breakdowns galore that could tear a dance floor apart.

The drumming on this album is a standout element. Nick Pierce (Formally of LA prog metallersThe Faceless) is possibly the most technically gifted drummers they have finally found after Derek Kerswill and the band parted ways in 2011. With a genre like metal / thrash / metalcore, there isn’t always a lot of room to be inventive or interesting, but Nick’s drumming manages to not only keep you interested in what he is doing, but to also pummel you into submission. He is going to be a major asset in their future.

If you are a fan of Unearth already, the band have not lost but gained anger, gained power and technical ability, along with showing that there is still life in the music they write.

The ferocity of this album doesn’t let up the whole way through the 11 tracks on the standard release of the album (13 on the deluxe version) and any fans of the aforementioned genres would be silly not to invest in this absolute breast of a record.

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