Unwritten Law – Acoustic


For anyone that is an Unwritten Law fan, like myself, this album – Acoustic, out now via Cyber Tracks – is perfection. While the pop-punk energy that comes from the instruments is great, it can sometimes overpower how beautiful Scott Russo’s voice truly is, and this album gives it a chance to shine. My only request would be that there was a little less production going on, giving it a more raw, emotional feel similar to that of their 2003 MTV special Music In High Places, recorded live from Yellowstone National Park.

As we get older, we often lose touch with the music that meant a lot to us when we were younger and UL are one of those bands for me. Listening to this album instantly had me smiling, singing along and feeling good. Some of my favorite live shows growing up had UL in the lineup, including Vans Warped Tour. This acoustic album gives you a nice mix of some of their biggest hits and fan favorites.

With the release of the new album comes a video for the opening track, “Celebration”, originally recorded for their 2005 album Here’s To The Mourning, as well as appearing on the Need For Speed: Underground 2 video game soundtrack. While the original had a slightly heavier feel, this acoustic version flows with a gentle smoothness and is a great lead into the album.

My personal favorite on this release would have to be “I Like The Way” as there’s just something magical about that track, but hits like “Up All Night”, “Seein Red”, “Teenage Suicide”, “Save Me”, and “Cailin” definitely rank high up there. Unlike some artists of similar age, Russo’s voice is like that of a fine wine and seems to have perfected even more so with age.

I’d love to see this album inspire them to do an acoustic tour and maybe even put together a new release with some ballad-esque tunes to showcase Russo’s vocal range. Living on the East Coast and being an UL fan can be tough sometimes as its rare they travel out this way. It really is great seeing bands that meant so much to me still putting out music and having that same passion they started out with. It’s very inspiring when bands don’t give up and keep fighting for what they love. Hopefully this isn’t the last we hear of Unwritten Law and actually the beginning to another ride on that So-Cal pop-punk wave along with bands like Blink 182 that are back in the game.

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