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Axeon Cycling Team

It’s no secret that athletes of all types love music — from training to game day, it’s often a fundamental part of their lives. It is with that in mind that we are very happy to launch a brand new section here at Emo At Heart. The inaugural Sports & Music post is a quick look in to the Axeon Cycling Team. Stay tuned for more posts as we expand our sports coverage.

The team, which currently consists of 12 riders – all between the ages of 18 and 21 – was founded in 2009 by world-renowned Belgian cycling champion Alex Merckx. The 2015 season has already taken the team to races in Italy, Belgium, and New Mexico. Next up – the Amgen Tour of California, kicking off this weekend in Sacramento.

Axel Merckx with Axeon Cycling Team, 2015. Photo: Davey Wilson -The Axeon team, centered by Merckx

We caught up with a few of the riders to see how they incoroprate music in to their training and race routines.

Axeon's Tao Geoghegan-Hart photographed by Davey Wilson, 2015.Keegan Swirbil, 19
Hometown: Boulder, CO

What part does music play in your training regimen?
Honestly, music while training for me is a 100% must if I am training alone. Its crazy how much influence it has on my mood while training. I can’t tell you how many times I have been out training and just counting down the minutes until the end of my session when a sick tune comes on and brings back memories of a beautiful moment in a race or whatnot and it can completely alter my mindset. Love that.

Axeon's Tao Geoghegan-Hart photographed by Davey Wilson, 2015.Justin Oien, 19

Hometown: Escondido, CA

Do you have any secret musical desires or talents?
Making music has always been an interest of mine. I used to play the saxophone in elementary school and middle school. Then I started to play the drums for a band my buddies and I started in middle school. I realized I didn’t want to be in the back and so I started to sing. We played older metal/rock like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, as well as a few of our own songs. We even did a few shows locally at bars and places we weren’t able to even hang out in. That ended as I hit puberty and lost interest as well as the ability to hit any high notes. Now I just play piano guitar and the harmonica. I bring a guitar and a harmonica with me over to Europe. I find it the best way to pass the time over here. Just playing music and trying to make some here and there… before I dreamed of being a professional cyclist I dreamed of being playing music. I think that’s definitely somthing I would like to do in my spare time if I ever get the chance.

Axeon's Tao Geoghegan-Hart photographed by Davey Wilson, 2015.Tao Geoghehan Hart, 19

Hometown: London, GBR

Do you have any particular favorite pre- or post-race songs?
Something fast but not to fast pre race, that normally stays in my head the whole race if it is good. Then more chilled out to unwind post race.


Thanks so much guys! Best of luck to you this weekend. For more info about the team, you can check out them out on Facebook, on their website, or by watching their promo video below:

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