#TOURLIFE – Two Days with The Drama State

When you’re in a band, all you can think about is getting on the road and touring the country. While The Drama State have had their fair share of touring, it hasn’t always been easy. From breakdowns to show cancellations, they’ve seen it all but they never let that stop them. This past tour brought them from the Midwest to the East Coast, including a couple dates in our area (which happened to fall on my birthday). After discussing all the epic hangs that we would be having for my birthday, the band asked if we would be interested in helping with merch and tagging along with them for those days to get a real feel for what it is like to be on the road with them and of course we couldn’t say no. Josh and I knew we were in for a lot of crazy times but we were ready to embrace it with open arms.

The first show was listed at Two Boots of Bridgeport, in Bridgeport, CT. Little did we know that it was actually a pizza place/bar that had a small stage set up in the dining area. It was definitely a weird place for a show but the place looked cool. You can tell that they aren’t used to having touring bands perform there as there was no “on location” parking for a van and trailor, other than hoping that 2 spots of on-street parking became available and the “load in” area was a very small doorway that lead to a narrow hallway between the stage entrance and the door to the kitchen and when you are a touring act you have a LOT of equipment with you in cases. There were two other acts performing that night, the bearded man with an amazing personality, Christoph Alexander Whitbeck, and a group of young kids with a lot of talent and potential, Kamikaze Fighter Pilots. When The Drama State hit the stage, the promoter was soo impressed with their sound that I overheard him tell a friend that he was going up front (the stage/dining area was in the back of the room) to open the door. Good thing he did because a couple people were drawn in by the sounds they heard and ended up buying the album. I’d also like to add that when they walked into the room, the band pointed out the guy that had a beer and challenged him to chug/finish his beer before the song ended and within seconds it was gone. I know it may not sound like anything crazy but to an out of state band it makes them feel like they’re at home with their friends. Adding to that vibe were Christoph and a local friend of the band, Travis (who also showed hospitality by giving the band a place to crash for the 2 nights they were in the area). The band rocked that pizza joint. The staff were very greatful for their performance and even gave them some free food at the end of the night as an extra thank you. The band left that night with new fans and new friends, which is the one thing they set out to do.

tumblr_inline_ms98x4SZMv1qz4rgpThe Room in Brookfield, CT. Let me first say that the owner of this place, Vern, is one of the most kind-hearted men you will ever meet, especially in the music industry. He welcomed all of us with a family-like feel and instantly we all knew this was going to be a place we won’t forget. He also informed us that the original show lineup had fallen apart but he refused to cancel the show when he knew the band was traveling from soo far away to be there, so he added on some others last minute to make sure there was still a show. The Room can be compared to a teen center with a stage set up in the main room, along with lots of tour posters and other music related pieces on the walls. While watching the band perform, I couldn’t help but smile, knowing how hard of a road they had traveled to get where they are today. Seeing how much they have perfected their craft and how easily they can draw in a crowd of strangers makes me proud to say I know them. One of the most awesome things about the two days we were out with them was seeing people who had never even heard of the band before be so into what they were playing that they were excited about buying a copy of the album and spending a moment chatting with the band. TDS are one of those groups that are thankful for each and every person that buys their album, which they had two options for sale: a jewelcase copy for $10 and a sleeved copy for $5 to make sure that everyone could afford it. They also were giving away copies of their old band’s EP (Remember Paris – But A Boy Can Dream).

At the end of the night, we all went back to Travis’ and lived it up a bit. I won’t give exact details or name names but lets just say there were alcoholic beverages involved, as well as nakedness, lots of laughter, dick jokes, photos and memories. We were very sad to see our adventures with them end but we were greatful for each and every second we got to spend with them and we know that they’ll be back again soon. We ask that if you ever see that The Drama State are going to be in your town for a show, go out and show them some love and support, you won’t regret it. And if you can’t make it to a show, head over to their Facebook page and say hello!

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